Today’s salad or soup 10,00 €

(incl. soup or salad, water/juice, bread and coffee or tea.

Soup and small salad 12,30 €. Salad and small soup 12,30 €)

Lunch time on workdays from 11am to 2pm.

Also take away!

Monday 2.10.

Mashed vegetable soup (L,G) with pesto oil and croutons, broiler-oat grain salad with blue cheese (L,G)

Tuesday 3.10.

Tomato soup with goat’s cheese (L,G), feta salad with roasted vegetables (L,G)

Wednesday 4.10.

Chicken:yellowfoot soup with butter cheese (L,G), tuna salad with mozzarella (L,G)

Thursday 5.10.

Cabbage-minced meat soup (L,G), Customer’s Choice Salad (two picks)

Friday 6.10.

Smoked salmon soup Kondis style (8/11/13,30 €)(L,G), fruity cheese salad with herb sour cream (L,G)


Contact details and opening hours

If you would like to contact us or drop by

Koskenparras 8, 55100 Imatra
+358 (0)40 743 7553 (Konditoria)

KOSKI Konditoria Oy

Our café is open

ma/Mon-pe/Fri 9.00 – 17.00
la/Sat 9.00 – 16.00
Sun Suljettu/Closed

On public holidays even we might take a rest. In that case, however, we will inform you separately.