Konditoria Imatrankoski

Kaikk’ on Kondiksessa, tuu siekii!

Konditoria Imatrankoski is a cosy café and service-oriented family business located in the centre of Imatrankoski (in the pedestrian zone called Koskenparras). Your perfect coffee moment is provided by our cheerful and friendly staff as well as our delicious products prepared mainly in our own kitchen. Konditoria Imatrankoski quickly found its way into the hearts of the people of Imatra and it is well worth even travelling a bit to come and sense its inimitable atmosphere.

In the morning we offer you a delicate breakfast. On weekdays at lunchtime you can get a large mixed salad, a good soup – or, why not take both? During summer our terrace offers an excellent possibility to enjoy a great cup of coffee and have a look at the lively hustle and bustle of the summer city of Imatra. Also, we organise a lot of different events, such as monthly poetry nights.

Today's salad or soup 10,00 €

(incl. soup or salad, water/juice, bread and coffee or tea.

Soup and small salad 12,30 €. Salad and small soup 12,30 €)

Lunch time on workdays from 11am to 2pm.

Also take away!

Monday 20.5.

Chicken-corn soup (L,G), tuna salad with herb yoghurt (L,G)

Tuesday 21.5.

Beetroot-blue cheese soup (L,G), fruity broiler salad (L,G)

Wednesday 22.5.

Minced meat soup with butter cheese (L,G), tomato-mozzarella salad with basil oil (L,G)

Thursday 23.5.

Tomato soup with goat's cheese (L,G), Customers Choice Salad (two picks)

Friday 24.5.

Salmon soup Kondis style (L,G 8/11/13,30 €),  feta-melon salad with bacon (L,G)

Products and events

Our main principle is delivering high-quality food in sufficient amounts. Examples of products that have enjoyed great popularity are our buns and doughnuts, jelly cakes, Brita cakes, salty pies as well as filled rolls and croissants. Our ongoing and creative product development ensures that established favorites are constantly joined by new creations. We also make decorated cakes, sandwich gateaus and other goodies on order. Feel free to contact us (phone or e-mail) if you have any questions regarding prices etc. – or just drop by!

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Contact details and opening hours

If you would like to contact us or drop by

Koskenparras 8, 55100 Imatra
+358 (0)40 743 7553 (Konditoria)

KOSKI Konditoria Oy

Our café is open

ma/Mon-pe/Fri 9.00 – 17.00
la/Sat 9.00 – 16.00
Sun Suljettu/Closed

On public holidays even we might take a rest. In that case, however, we will inform you separately.